Split audio/video from Mac streaming video to Apple TV and Audio to Sonos:Amp

  • 6 April 2019
  • 2 replies

I just bought the new Sonos:Amp hoping to be cable free. I want to send video signals via AppleTV to my projector, and the sound signal to the Amp. I can´t get this to work.
1. If I airplay my mac via to AppleTV, and then (from my mac) send sound to the Amp, the airplay disconnects and I only got sound on the Amp.
2. If I instead select sound output "sonos" (and not HDMI) on my Apple TV, nothing happens

Anyone have any experience, solutions or workarounds?

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2 replies

No chance, Airplay doesn't work that way.
Ok, so I need a workaround.
1. Any third party apps for mac that would let me send sound to airplay and sonos at the same time?
2. Any third party app for apple tv that could fix this?