Speakers sound good on the carpeted floor.... am I crazy?!

  • 28 January 2019
  • 2 replies

I recently had to temporarily move two play 1s to the floor (carpeted) while a room is being redone ... I turned them on expecting it to sound poorly... it was ok... I ran Trueplay... and honestly they seem to sound great... better than before when they were closer to ear level.

This goes against everything I know and would expect. Have I just not experienced it enough with a diverse range and nuanced ear? These Play 1s appear to be more full and robust sounding... as if they were play 5s.

The only thing I have noticed so far is that volume has to be a little higher to fill the space.

2 replies

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Not crazy. It's probably just how the room is. Sound is subjective. Personally I'm not a fan of trueplay tuning. Each time I've done it to my system, it removes the bass. Didn't buy a sub to have subtle bass. ;)

So if it sounds better on the floor, who's to judge?
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Yeah, every room is different. I was renting a room from someone and putting my Play:3 on the very deep window sill turned the space below it into a rather effective bass radiator. Something in your room placement just happens to make it the sweet spot for audio.


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