Sound loss (Beam as PC speaker)

  • 15 May 2024
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For three years I have successfully used an ensemble consisting of Beam and two Play1s to play back my PC sound. This is done via an external sound card (SPDIF) and a TOSLINK cable connected to it. A few days ago the sound stopped completely! I suspect a connection with the recent SONOS controller update, the second suspect is Microsoft. I spent a total of three full days trying to find a solution - in vain. My great frustration is mixed with despair.
Here are some pieces of the puzzle from my search so far:
It is a Windows 11 PC.
A second Windows 11 PC shows the same failure.

Sound signals are displayed graphically.
Connecting an Android tablet to the TOSLINK cable: music plays!
New external sound card does not help on both PCs.

Does anyone have a brilliant idea?

Here are some screenshots for illustration.


2 replies

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People who combine WIN11 and SONOS Beam in a similar way are invited to provide feedback on whether their system is still working well.


I have the same issue with Windows 10 and 11. It all worked OK until some updates about a week ago.

Using the same USB device, updated Sonos App, and Sonos system just running Linux works just fine.

This is rather frustrating to see that Microsoft Windows is breaking the audio device driver compatibility like this.