Sony NW A55 as music library

  • 11 November 2021
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Hi all

I use a Synology NAS as my main music library through my MacBook, however, i back up all my music on my Sony NW-A55 mp3 player. If my NAS failed, how could i use the Sony as a music library until the NAS is replaced? Is it something simple that i just can't see and where would i point Sonos at to link the library?


Thanks in advance for your advice

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2 replies

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The easiest way would be to play music from the Sony over Bluetooth to the Move. If you connect to the Roam over Bluetooth, you can group it with your other Sonos speakers:

I don’t think the Sony is considered to be an Android mobile device. If it is, you could do this:

I was going to suggest the same thing that @GuitarSuperstar mentions above, but I then came across this thread…

This shows there was an issue (once upon a time) connecting the Sony MP3 device to the Sonos Move, using Bluetooth, in the past and I’m not sure if it was resolved, but it’s true to say the Sonos Roam may work for you and play from that Sony device and/or in turn act as a pass-through (via grouping over WiFi) to all your Sonos devices, but perhaps purchase the Roam direct from Sonos as they do offer a 45-day return, if it doesn’t then work for your player.