SonosNet wired via surround speaker (Sonos One SL) possible?

  • 12 February 2023
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Due to physical and network constraints, I want to use SonosNet and have one speaker wired.

I would like that speaker to be a Sonos One SL which is bonded as a surround speaker (to an Amp). I have multiple other Sonos speakers in other rooms.

Will this work fine, or is there any restriction preventing surround speakers being the “master” wired node for SonosNet?

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5 replies

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According to Sonos:

A Sub, Sub Mini, or surround speaker cannot be used as the single wired product.

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I’d suggest an additional One or One SL, located where it was easy to wire to your Ethernet. Even a used Sonos as long as it is S2 capable would do if cost is an issue.

A Sonos Boost would also work but it appears to be on the way out as it is listed as a “last chance” sale item.

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I’d suggest an additional One or One SL

I’d already have one the surround speakers physically very close (1-2 feet) to where I’d need to place the “bridging” One, which would be redundant unfortunately.

A Sonos Boost would also work 

Yes. I was looking at the Boost. But very surprised to hear it’s on “last chance”. I’m missing the replacement model too. Are Sonos phasing this out as an option? It would seem to be an odd move unless they have other ways of working around it. (e.g. removing the need to have a wired node for SonosNet to work).

(e.g. removing the need to have a wired node for SonosNet to work).

That would be quite a networking achievement, I suspect, as the wired link allows the two different wireless protocols (SonosNet and WiFi) to send data to each other. I don't know enough to say with certainly that it's impossible without a wired link, but I suspect that to be the case. 

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I’d guess that since wiring any primary Sonos device has become an option Boost sales are way down as they are so rarely needed.