Sonos with TV Wall / HDMI Matrix

  • 29 November 2021
  • 4 replies

We are putting a four screen tv wall into our office via a hdmi matrix. It will have multiple input sources (computer, android tv/google tv, gaming consoles, etc). These sources can display on:

  • single screen (different sources on different screens) or
  • TVWall (single source on all screen's processed into one large screen).

We want to hook our office sonos system into this so different zones can listen to different sources from the hdmi matrix, or all zones can listen to a single source from hdmi matrix.

Is this achievable? If so, How?

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4 replies

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Hi @dmoran,


How does the audio in that setup currently work?

Do all of the TVs play the audio through their inbuilt speakers? If so, you could use a Beam, Arc or Amp connected to each panel to receive and play the audio from each screen.

Also, which products do you currently have in your office Sonos system?

Hi James,


Thanks for replying. We haven't purchased the setup yet to ensure we get the right tech before investing. The goal would be to play the TV's Singularly or when processed into a tv wall through ceiling mounted speakers connected to the sonos amp and ideally a single Arc.


I'm confused about how source switching would work given there are multiple tv's in the environment. I have a good handle on a HDMI matrix for the video component but not the audio component. My head hurts thinking about it! Any advice would be appreciated.

I would look at the audio as sort of a 5th HMI output if possible.  With the Arc or Beam, you can use an HD Fury Arcana to convert normal HDMI to HDMI-eARC for the Arc or Beam to consume. So you can use the HDMI Matrix to set one of your sources to HDMI Output 1 (TV 1) and HDMI Output 5 (Beam/Arc) when you want the audio to match what’s playing on TV1..and so on.   If you aren’t interested in atmos audio at all, then you could go with an  HDMI to optical converter, instead of the HD Fury Arcana.   Arc, Beam, and Amp can all take optical input (with Sonos optical adapter)


I don’t know how this would work when you do the single screen option as I don’t know what HDMI matrix are available for that feature.  I wouldn’t be surprised if this requires a matrix with only 4 outputs, and the above idea won’t work since it would require atleast 5 outputs..  If that’s the case you might have to get creative.    You could take the audio output from each TV as optical, then use an optical switch to determine what TV audio is played.  I don’t think you could use HDMI-ARC in this case as I don’t think there is HDMI-ARC switch that takes ‘input’ from 4 different HDMI-ARC sources.

Another idea is to use a 1 to 2 splitter  from the HDMI output from each of your 4 sources.  For each source, 1 output from the splitter will go to the HDMI matrix for video, the other will go to an HDMI switch for the audio side.   The output from this switch will need through HD Fury Arcana  to covert to eARC, or an optical converter, before it goes to the Sonos Arc, Beam, or Amp.

Hi Melvimbe,

Thanks for the reply. Atmos would be great if we could have it. I think, based on proximity of the speakers, we have decided that the best course of action would be to only allow a single output at a time (i.e. one tv or whole tv wall but not two tv sources at once). We think the audio would overlap too much and be distracting. It also has the added benefit of simplifying our system. 

Based on the above I think we should be able to just put the sonos system as an audio output for the HDMI matrix. I do still need to figure out the implications of that with HDMI-ARC and Atmos… I'm not sure whether that information could pass through the system.