Sonos system stops playing

  • 5 December 2023
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I have several Sonos componets: amps, variety of speakers, when I leave the house the system shuts down or stops playing music.  I prefer my music to be playing 24/7, I turn the system on using an iPad that stays at the house but for some reason it shuts down when I leave.  Could it be because I used my iPhone to setup the system?  Thanks!


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4 replies

What you’re describing as what you want is exactly how Sonos is supposed to work, with one caveat. Where is the music stored? And a related question, how are you playing the music?

While most streaming companies do have a time limit of some kind, it shouldn’t be kicking when you leave home, but some hours after that. Those limits are not set by Sonos, but the streamers themselves, as they don’t want to pay for bandwidth (I would imagine) that isn’t necessary. 

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I use SoundCloud and MixCloud for my music. I leave music on for my dogs when I leave and it plays for hours. Never an issue. 

Bruce -  As mentioned, the Sonos app resides on a ipad that stays at home connected to the network, generally I stream from either SiriusXM (mostly) or Amazon music.  Yes I am aware that after a time limit the streamers send a message “are you still listening” and if a no reply is received they shut it down, like Dogdad I like to leave music on for the dogs so they don’t bark at every creak and cracking noise homes usually make in the colder months.  It my case the music will cease shorty after I leave my home, which I verified by logging into my cameras and cannot hear anything playing.

The Sonos, once you’ve started it via the controller, should continue to play, even without the iPad being there. Unless, of course, you’re using a non Sonos app, and either Bluetooth or AirPlay 2 to send the sound to your Sonos system. 

For most of us,  it’s slightly hard to arrange to hear your speakers when you’re not there, but if you want to test, not using your cameras, try this…start music playback as if you’re leaving for the day, then simply shut down the iPad (settings>general>shut down, located at the bottom…I have to scroll on my iPad to see it). You can power the iPad back up by pressing one of the buttons, or plugging it in to power. 

At this point, the iPad should be off, and the music is still streaming, which is the way Sonos is designed to work. 

My suspicion is that you’re running into those time constraints that were both talking about, but then I don’t know the length as specified by either SiriusXM or Amazon Music, nor how much time between your initialization of the music, and checking in via camera. I wonder if there is value in trying this on a non-work day, to see when it fails if there is a message on the Sonos controller. 

For what it’s worth, Sonos has no say in these limitations, they merely enforce what is being handed to them by each streaming company. 

I’d also be tempted to try to submit a system diagnostic when you get home, and call Sonos Support to discuss it. My understanding is that they save 10 minutes of data, but since you’re trying to track a ‘stop’ event, that may live in the data until the next ‘start’ event. I honestly don’t know, and have never seen the content of a diagnostic, even the ones I submitted years and years ago. It’s worth a shot, though. 

Keep us posted, one way or the other. Please give your dogs a scritch from me.