Sonos solution for two homes

  • 6 June 2017
  • 4 replies

Is there a way to share Sonos playlists, favorite, and such between two homes/locations on different WiFi networks? I simply want the Sonos favorites and playlists to be updatable from either two locations and available in both. [No need for the locations to be controlled from either location or play the same music as if they were all in one location.] Yes, it would be nice if adding music sources in one location added them to both/all.

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4 replies

No. There's no cloud service to synchronise local Sonos settings between 'households' (systems).

If you subscribe to a streaming service you could potentially use that for your playlists/favourites.
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Pretty much best way is to keep the playlists within the music service with two homes. I used to sync them between the two homes but it required taking one device with me as I moved back and forth and then re-creating my whole network each time with that device as the bridge device. Also required me to keep my local music server at both locations same name and same files.

Really messy. Easier to just keep my playlists now in Apple Music (my preferred service right now).
Thanks, ratty & Chris. It's unfortunate because I have multiple sources and the Sonos "favorites" and "playlist" was a promising way to have compound playlists the span multiple sources. Too bad they cannot span multiple locations. I'll follow your counsel and keep the playlists solely within each individual sources.
Perhaps check into Plex Media Server? I believe it would allow you to have all of your music in one place, but still accessable from your Sonos systems. You may have to put a bit of work into it, however, I think it may help you out of your problem.