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  • 23 July 2023
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Hi All!  Working on helping a customer move some music.  I’ve setup a Buffalo LS210D NAS drive connected to the SONOS system.  This music is being moved to this drive from an older iMac that is having issues.  I got the NAS drive setup on the router with a static IP address so it will always find it.  


I went into the SONOS app and put that NAS drive into the music library setup. The music is in a shared folder on that Buffalo NAS drive.  It works like a champ.  We can see and play the music in the music library.  

Here is the problem.  I started by just placing a small amount of music in there to set it up and make sure it works.  Now when I add more music to the NAS drive the app does not see that newly added music when we go to try and play it.  The previous music is there and plays fine. I can delete that from the Music Library Setup in the SONOS app and add it back again the same way it was and it sees the new music.  Below is the syntax of the setup.  All music that is added is added inside the music folder.  The ls210d938 is the name of the NAS device as seen on the network and as the device in the router.  


My question is this.  Why does it not see the new music as I add it to the NAS Drive?  What am I doing wrong?


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5 replies

Did you run a library update after adding the new tracks?

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Are you forcing a reindex of the NAS music library after adding?

As stated, every time you add new music, you need to reindex.

I see.  I thought that might be the problem.  I had not done that.  I knew that it had a reindexing feature but couldn’t find it.  I’m pretty new to dealing with SONOS products.  Will try this and get back to you all.  I’m pretty sure you guys pointed out the issue.  Many thanks for the quick feedback.  

What I did get when trying to re-index/scan the files was an error message that says Music Files Not Available.  It basically says that it does not see the location.  I have an idea what might be going on.  The Sonos Boost is connected to a Ubiquiti Rourter.  At first I had the NAS drive connected to the Sonos Boost via ethernet but then I changed that and connected it directly to the Ubiquiti router.  Could that be why it’s not seeing it?  Does that NAS drive have to be connected to a port on the Sonos Boost for it to function properly?  We had been able to play music on that NAS drive with it connected to the Ubiquiti router but it might not re-index there.  Thanks for any help!