Sonos S1 & S2 on same network

  • 11 July 2022
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I have a good understanding of how the S2 network works on my own setup, with multiple wired devices and some SonosNet, STP, etc, all works well.

A neighbour has S1 (Play5’s S1) and is getting Arc & Sub, so will have to create a new S2 environment. He is using SkyQ for his network for existing S1. What I cant seem to find the answer to is with S1 and S2 on same network, are there 2 SonosNet networks each using a different channel? If so is it best to chose the channel on each, or leave to auto?






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5 replies

If there are two systems in ‘wired’ mode there’ll be two SonosNets, each with its own channel. There is no ‘auto’ for SonosNet as such, in terms of dynamically changing the channel, though at setup time it may opt for the channel it thinks is clearest. After that it’s a case of user-directed channel selection.

Depending on the local WiFi usage, it may be possible to give each SonosNet its own channel. If not, put both on the same (best) channel.

Since you know about STP, with two SonosNets there’ll still be just the one root bridge (“There can be only one”) so don’t go looking for another.

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Thanks Ratty, what would the Sonos Community do without you 🙏 😀


I think SkyQ uses a mesh WiFi, so will be using 1 channel, will use the 2 spare channels for SonosNet.

I think SkyQ uses a mesh WiFi

And you’d want to avoid this (*), in terms of connecting the Sonos units, so SonosNet is the sensible course.


* See the relevant section here:


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Yep, agree, will be wired + SonosNet.

Postscript: While setting up the new S2 system it would be prudent to temporarily power off the S1 units. Evidence suggests this reduces controller confusion and makes life easier.