Sonos Port connection to turntable

  • 11 November 2022
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I currently am using my Sonos Port to stream music.  Connection is rca cables from Line Out jacks on the PORT to preamp into the Tuner input jacks.  When I need to stream music I set my preamp to TUNER and use the Sonos 2 app and select my service (Pandora) from the opening list of options.   I have a Planer 2 turntable without a preamp and was hoping to simply use the Sonos Port Line In jacks for the turn table but that does not work.  If I connect the turn table directly to my preamp first, as suggested by Sonos staff,  I have to switch the output to TURN TABLE on my preamp, which effectively bypasses the Sonos Port functionality.  This seems like a death spiral to me.  Can anyone help?

3 replies

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You might want to move the Port to your pre-amp’s Tape Monitor connections.

Moving Line Out connection from PORT to McIntosh Preamp AUXILIARY inputs and then connecting turntable to Sonos PORT LINE IN jacks did not yield any music from turntable and stopped music streaming as well.  Thanks for the effort.  Back to drawing board.

Unless the amp has a phono jack meant for turntables, you will need to get one, and interpose it between the TT and the port Line in jacks. It should all then work as it does just now when the Port supplies streamed music.

If the amp has phono jacks, AND a line out jack, then TT to phono jacks and line out to Port Line in.