Sonos, Plex and Pi

  • 12 May 2021
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I have had my music stored on an Addonics NAS for the last 8 years and it works with sonos fine, simply acting as an NAS.  I now see it is no longer supported and my mac has stopped accessing it. It is the same size as a raspberry pi with a usb drive plugged in.  Marvellous bit of kit really.

Whst should i replace it with?  Should I go for another NAS or a streaming solution like plex?  What is the difference?  Apart from the obvious.  The NAS should be small and quiet and still supported.  

I have a raspberry Pi v3.  I am guessing I could probably just install a linux on it, mount the drive and share it.  Is there any advantage to having plex on top?  Any alternatives?


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3 replies

I would say that Plex is a good idea if you want access to local content outside of your network outside as well as inside.  It also does a good job of organizing all of our media (movies, pictures) etc  and has a pretty good user interface.  You do have to pay a subscription fee (or pay for lifetime subscription) though if you want to outside your network.  And I could be off on this, but I believe Sonos access is technically considered to be outside the network (it operates via cloud).  But if all you want is a file share like you had previously, then skip Plex.

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A Pi NAS is easy, I use one here.


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Still experimenting but the bog standard raspberry pi install plus something called “webadmin” gives you a nice interface for configuring file shares.  Trying to avoid command lines as much as possible.