Sonos Play 1 New wifi Password

  • 14 April 2017
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Help! Pretty new to Sonos. I have a Play 1 and changed my wifi password. I have standard set up. As per video clip on Sonos site I plugged in Ethernet cable and then went onto Sonos app, settings and advanced settings is not there! So cannot go any further to reset my password. Any ideas????

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7 replies

Check that you are on the same Sonos version for your controller AND speakers. Look in About my Sonos System.
What type of controller are you using? Are you in any form of Sonos beta programme?
Hi John. That's waaaay to technical for me ??. It says 7.2 system and just some numbers for build.
I'm just using a iPhone 6.
So controller and speaker both at 7.2? Do you have any other device onto which you could download a controller for the time being, such as a tablet or computer?
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You'll need to temporarily wire the Play 1 into the router with an ethernet cable (Supplied with the Play 1). This will allow you to connect to the system and update the wifi password.

Self evidently if the Play 1 doesn't have the correct wifi password then it cannot access the network therefore your iPhone cannot access the Play 1.
OP has already wired the speaker.
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The only thing I can suggest beyond that is that on your iPhone when you click Settings make sure to scroll up (down) as the Advanced Settings menu may not be visible (on my phone in portrait it is cut off along the bottom so I have to scroll to fully see it and certainly to select it.)

It's always worth a) Ensuring the ethernet cable is properly inserted not the router AND the Play 1 - push and wiggle! b) Trying the ethernet cable in different ports on your router. c) Tying a different cable