Sonos One & AirPods

  • 26 September 2021
  • 1 reply

For 2+ years I had no issues using Sonos speakers and AirPods off the same devices. All great. I typically play to Sonos using AirPlay rather than the Sonos app.

In the last ~1 month, I am getting really annoying behavior where I can’t successfully switch from AirPods to Sonos - I get the spinning wheel of death on the speaker glyph in OSx/iOS. The variation is that it’ll connect, but when I close the AirPods case, it’ll drop the Sonos connection and I can’t re-establish it. When I check the Sonos app, it thinks the speaker is playing the stream but it is actually coming out of my laptop/phone speaker. 


The fix is to reboot the speaker.


Any ideas?

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1 reply

I have no smoking proof, but I think that Apple has changed something. Recently I’m having new Bluetooth issues with my iPad when swapping connections between multiple products. In my case it is not a SONOS issue because I haven’t used any SONOS Bluetooth or Airplay 2 connections in months. The unused Bluetooth devices are still defined in iOS. There is one Bluetooth device that is listed on the iPad as having a pending connection. What I mean by “pending” is that the iPad is aware of the device, but its iPad App is not currently using the connection.