sonos not working on a school wifi

  • 16 February 2022
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Good afternoon all


hoping you can help. First off I’m not the most technical. We live on a school site and each house has its own WiFi plus an over arching school WiFi and a guest WiFi. I cannot seem to be able to connect to the system. I can get as far as the Playbar making it’s own WiFi and my phone connecting to that. However when it tries to transfer over to the WiFi of our home it doesn’t work. 

there is one other system connected to the school WiFi and my Sonia app will try and pick that one up. That house is over 800 meters away so it is a WiFi issue. 

can anyone help with this? 

kind regards 




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3 replies

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I very much doubt you will be able to run Sonos from a shared School/University Network, they normally prohibit such use and you will not have the admin access to change that.

There are other options such as creating your own LAN/WAN with a small travel router or suchlike.


What local WiFi router/provider are you using and is your mobile controller connected to that local routers WiFi signal, rather than the school’s WiFi, or Guest Network? Perhaps one of the local school IT staff will be able to assist you if you’re struggling with setting up the connection.

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You say you have your own WiFi in your home. Does that mean you have your own router and modem with password provided by an ISP; or is the WiFi in your home provided by an extender/access point placed in your home by the school. If the latter as @bockersjv said you probably don’t have total access to the network. @Ken_Griffiths suggestion may be another option.