Sonos line in delay and cisco switch port flap

  • 6 December 2020
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So… a year or so ago at least I remember I was having a big delay between the video on my computer and the audio from the line in on my connect …  finally found that sonos had for some reason changed the delay to 2000ms max.  Seems they did it again at some point…  and I’m old and couldn’t remember where the setting was… finally found it, but having tons of inconsistencies on my sonos system which has worked great for years…  I hardwired most of my sonos system… but over the last month or so, my CIsco 2960 PoE switch has started complaining about ports that sonos is plugged into flapping.  I am assuming this is because it is doing both wired and wireless and for some reason sends a packet on wired/wireless and receives on the other - maybe.  Anyway, I’ve gone about turning off wireless on all my hardwired systems.  I have a full on cinema with playbar, sub and two sonos 3s for the rear.  I read a post that you should leave wireless on …. but I really would prefer to NOT have wireless on .. am I actually missing anything if I turn wireless off on all my cinema components if they are all hardwired on the same vlan?  and I don’t understand why everything was working fine for over two years and all of a sudden I am getting portflap on my sonos devices … I haven’t changed anything on the switch and they are all plugged into the same swithc, I think I’ve got about 15 different devices thruout the house last count.  Thanks.

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