SONOS fails with no internet now

  • 17 November 2017
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Is there a change to how the latest software works? I am suspecting that the system now needs to always see a live internet connection, and that if it goes., the system will fail or the controller will lose connection to the players?

We are in an area with little or no internet and use local content store, we also have systems on a boat that has no internet.

The latest SW seems to prevent you from using the system if you do not have a permanent internet connection. If I am not using streaming services, why must I keep a connection open to the SONOS mothership?

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2 replies

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I have a Sonos system on my boat as well and it's still working fine without an internet connection (version 8.2). What does happen exactly? Do you get an error message?
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v8.2 seems to have fixed this - ultimately it kept requesting registration of each product - which it cannot validate as there was no internet connection. Had to remove everything - update it elsewhere, and then re-install.

Only have to deal with the new app now - which is truly illogical.