Sonos & Defender for endpoint

  • 11 November 2021
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We are deploying Microsoft Defender for Endpoint to our users.
Mobile devices are fully company managed devices, but we do allow users to install their own apps, as long as its installed from official app stores. 

We received some complains that users are not able to use their Sonos App after configuring defender for endpoint. 

Defender for Endpoint is a enterprise endpoint security product and it uses a “local” VPN solution to filter malicious or other unwanted traffic from device.


The thing is, because it uses the VPN (event though its a local vpn and not a real vpn) the Sonos application does not allow you to scan for local sonos devices. 

Is there any documentation or other information available that we can verify  if this is a an issue that could be solved by Sonos or is it something that should be fixed by Microsoft?




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4 replies

Since the system works fine before adding the VPN/Defender software, it’s pretty clear that the change should be on Microsoft’s side. 

The ‘local VPN’ presumably hooks the network interface in some fashion. It sounds like it could be interfering with inbound local traffic, perhaps preventing the opening of ports, in which case the Sonos app can’t work. 

Agreed that it’s unlikely Sonos can change their software to accommodate the restrictions of a microsoft product.  I would expect their to be some sort of log that can be reviewed, and perhaps the Sonos app can be whitelisted to allow access. If not, you may just have to tell them that you can’t accommodate Sonos or other apps unfortunately, and they will need their own personal device. could tell them that you’ll be monitoring social media activity.  That should stop them from using business phone for personal use rather quickly.

Thank you all for the reply.
I will contact Microsoft and see if there any way to add sonos to some kind of white list.

Otherwise i will communicate to the end users that we unfortunately cannot support this specific case and they should use their personal phone if they want to use the sonos app.