Sonos Bridge/Boost for new products?

  • 20 May 2024
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Will you guys ever have a bridge type range extender for current Sonos products. We constantly have deployments where the Sub is out of range. 

Additionally, can we get the ability to use the Sub Out port on an Amp when the amp is set up to power rear surround speakers?

1 reply

I don’t know to the first question, but generally Sonos doesn’t lay out hardware plans in advance. I’d guess so that competitors don’t get the jump on them. 

On the second question, I wouldn’t think so. It would require an underlying change in the way a surround signal is sent to the surrounds from the front of the system, to include that extra bandwidth required by the Subwoofer. My suspicion is there just isn’t enough call for it to make the investment of coding time/effort to rewrite that system valuable.