Sonos boost on s2

  • 23 November 2020
  • 1 reply

I upgraded to the sonos 2 app and my bridge was incompatible, then I changed Internet provider and now I'm left with 4 of my 5 speakers connected, I've just bought the sonos boost and connected it to my new broadband, it has installed straight away but nothing will connect to it, my 4 speakers are now onto my new network and all of a sudden my boost has disappeared and nothing seems to work to get it recognised, and I still don't have my bathroom speaker connected. This should be simple but is stressing me out. 

1 reply

Sounds like you have created two separate Sonos households.. try this:

  1. Switch off the Boost.
  2. Cable a standalone ‘working speaker’ to your router. Ensure it appears in your S2 App.
  3. Factory reset the boost and without cabling it to the router at this stage add it to your existing system setup away from the router.
  4. Post setup you should see the Boost in the App alongside your wired speaker and other devices.
  5. Now swap the wired speaker for the Boost. After a minute or so you should see all your devices in the App.
  6. If the bathroom speaker still isn’t showing, then try factory resetting that device and try adding it again.