Sonos Architectural with Sonance Enclosure

  • 4 October 2021
  • 1 reply

I am remodeling my den and changing out my in-ceiling speakers to Sonos Architectural. My bedroom sits above and I am doing some soundproofing. Part of that entails putting the speakers in enclosures. I am trying to decide if the Sonance Acoustic Enclosure will fit the Sonos Architectural ceiling speakers. Everything tells me yes, but it would be great if someone has done this.


The CAD drawing of the Sonance Enclosure calls for a 8.20” cutout while the Sonos speakers call for a 8.25” cutout, which I don’t think is an issue. The Sonance speaker is 4.72” tall, while the Sonos is 4.84”, which could be a problem unless part of that overall depth protrudes into the room, which I believe that is how it is measured.

I can’t find the recommended enclosure volume for the Sonos (Sonance) speaker. The Sonos literature is rather superficial. I would consider just buying the Sonance speakers, but I want to use 2 of these as my rear surround speakers.

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1 reply

Have you contacted Sonance’s customer support directly for the recommended volume? Sonos itself is merely a reseller, and is unlikely to have direct measurement to the quality you’re looking for.