sonos Arc with bidirectional hdmi switch for two audio sources

  • 7 December 2021
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I have a Sonos arc connected to the arc output on my tv.


however I have another device that I want to play sound through the Arc without plugging and unplugging. I currently use an


Sonos Arc->HDMI switch ->TV Sony

                                         → other audio device (optical)


since the hdmi switch is bi-directional it does sometimes work but very unreliable and now the ARC(Bravia sync) does not work and I’m not able to control the  arcs volume. Every now and then it starts working again.


I do use the optical dongle to make the connection to the other device.  

anyone can recommend a switch that can do what I’m looking for? Or a way to reconfigure this setup?

2 replies

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What exactly is your other audio source/device?

Karaoke machine


it works… but I just lose the ability to control the arc from my tv remote. My current work around is to program my arc to accept my tv remote IR signal. Had to disable the Bluetooth on my remote