Sonos - Arc and Amp - Easy Way to Optionally Choose to Play through Both or Just Arc

  • 28 September 2023
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Looking to help my brother with a Sonos set up. He has a Sony TV in his living room and two ceiling speakers in his adjacent kitchen (wired to basement). He would like to be able to say, for example, to his Alexa device (Echo or Refrigerator) to play the sound from the TV into the Kitchen.  How can this best be done?

I was thinking he may need to get a Sonos Arc for the TV room and a Sonos Amp to power the ceiling speakers. The Arc could always be used for when watching TV and he could optionally enable the Sonos Amp / ceiling speakers in the kitchen when he wants to. 

Is there an easy way for him to be able to enable/disable playing the TV through the kitchen speakers? (It is not really practical to run new / additional cables.) And it would be ideal to be able to say Alexa play the TV through the Kitchen speakers or something like that.

Thanks in advance for your support and ideas.


26 replies

About the latency: if everything which is part of the “grouping “ is hard wired (ethernet), would that be a solution?


in my case: TV connected to Arc. Sonos AMP in the basement with 2 ceiling speakers near TV. Both Arc and Amp will be ethernet wired.


Are you planning to ‘bond’ (rather than ‘group’) the Amp to the Sonos Arc in order to use the Amps ceiling speakers as rear left/right HT surrounds? - If so, then ‘yes’ cabling them both back to the router/switch is okay if the Arc & Amp perhaps cannot talk to each other over their ‘usual’ 5Ghz ad-hoc wireless connection, perhaps due to the distance/walls between them etc.

Latency will be down to the wired network in that instance, but in many cases it seems to work fine for a good many users, that’s looking at posts here in the community.

If you are planning to ‘group’ (rather than ‘bond’) the Amp to the Arc however, then for ‘TV audio’ there is still a ~75ms audio buffer delay to the grouped room. Obviously that delay does not apply to ‘music audio’.

Hope that assists.