Sonos App Keeps skipping tracks randomly - file not found

  • 10 April 2023
  • 5 replies

I have a Port connected via ethernet, a One connected via WiFi and the port is feeding my main AV receiver via digital out.


I control it all via my iPad and the Sonos app.


The library is stored on a Drobo NAS connected via ethernet all on the same subnet, one router, one switch, all gigabit.


When playing an album it will randomly pop up on the iPad “Unable to play xxxxx File not found”


I can manually skip back to the missing track and it will immediately play.


Is there a fix for this as its really making a mess out of my enjoyment now??

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5 replies

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Skipping tracks spell network trouble. From your description it seems strange that the One isn’t connecting to the Sonosnet provided by the cable connected Port. Could you describe your set up and network?

I have the port in the living room, connected to the network via cable into the downstairs switch. The port is also connected to my AV via the digital o/p.


The one is in the kitchen, i just unboxed it, plugged it in and followed the setup, no ethernet in kitchen.


The Drobo NAS is upstairs in office, it is connect to the network via cable into the upstairs switch which is then cabled down to the downstairs switch.


The control iPad runs over WiFi.


There is only the one network, no subnets etc, speed seems stable at 1gb.

Could be an erratic IP address issue, if all devices are wired. Have you set up reserved IP addresses in your router’s DHCP table?

Which make and model switches are involved? Are the managed, or unmanaged switches?


they were not reserved but are now, i also reserved the control iPad address.


Will re-test it tomorrow.


The switches are unmanaged but of reasonable maker names, can’t remember which though.

There’s no promises, just these are “common” concerns that are easy to wipe out before contacting Sonos support. 

But I certainly agree with @106rallye , this seems like network issues.