Sonos and the FCC

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So, this isn't really an "Advanced Setup", but there are many who enjoy keeping up on Sonos and whatever their newest products are by going through the FCC database, and we tend to be "advanced" users. As a result, I thought I'd post this list of FCC IDs registered to Sonos. I will do what I can to keep this list current over time.

Notably missing from this list are the Connect:Amp (ZP120), Connect (ZP90), and first generation Play:5. The RM000, RM001, and RM002 wireless cards were certified to be modular RF components, so they could be used in multiple devices without those devices needing separate FCC IDs. I assume this is why specific FCC IDs were not created for these three Sonos devices.

I don't know why there are two Play:1 models with different FCC IDs.

Grantee Code: SBV - Sonos Inc.

FCCID - Product name/model
RM016 - S18 "Satellite speaker"
RM015 - Amp
RM014 - S14/Beam
RM013 - S15/Connect (updated wireless card from Mini PCI to Mini PCIe, unknown if other changes)
RM012 - S13/Sonos One
RM011 - S11/Playbase
RM010 - S100/Play:5 Gen2
RM009 - Play:1
RM008 - Boost
RM007 - Play:1
RM006 - Playbar
RM005 - Sub
RM004 - Play:3
RM002 - Wireless Mini-PCI Card (WMP-N06; considered to be Sonos original equipment)
RM001 - Wireless Mini-PCI Card (RM001; Alpha Networks WMP-N06)
RM000 - Wireless Mini-PCI Card (RM000; Cameo Communications WLG-1304)

CR003 - CR200
CR002 - Wireless Mini-PCI Card (Atheros AR5BMB5)
CR001 - CR100
CR000 - Wireless Mini-PCI Card (Foxconn T60H786)

ZP002 - ZP80
ZP001 - ZP100
ZP000 - Wireless Mini-PCI Card (Samsung SWL-2700M)

BR000 - Bridge

DK001 - Dock for iPod (30 pin connector)

Edit: Last Updated 10/30/2018

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So mike your saying the original Connect got the rm13 designation or are you thinking a new superconnect?
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The S13 *is* the Sonos One, that is how it is named in its device xml file. S15 is the not-yet-released Connect (due in March).
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Interesting I hadn’t seen anything on the yet to be released Connect before.
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Yeah, they're doing a refresh of the Connect, likely to move away from the old modular wireless card (internal pictures from the FCC show a Mini PCIe card now inside). Refreshing the Connect gives them the flexibility to use the same Mini PCIe card in the Connect that is used in the other speakers, instead of the old Mini PCI card. Though it's still only certified for 2.4 GHz, so even if they are using the same wireless card as the speakers, they're not using the 5 GHz radio in it.
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Shame no 5ghz. That dashes all hopes of it being a super Connect (able to pair multiple speakers into 5.1)
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Updated to add RM014, the new "Home Theater Speaker" device that hit the FCC database on 4/30.

Updated again 8/3/18 to add the S14 model designation for the Beam
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Updated 10/30/18 to add RM015/Amp to the list
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Updated 1/3/19 to add SBV-RM016, the S18 "Satellite" speaker.


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