Sonos and Linn Selekt

  • 4 July 2021
  • 1 reply

I have two completely different music setups - the first is a Sonos network with 4 S2 speakers and a Roam. The second comprises Radford amp plus Cambridge pre-amp, Linn Selekt, Tannoy Arden speakers. I like to listen to music on the Ardens but often would like to send a song to a Sonos speaker so my wife can hear in her den! Is there any way that I could connect the two systems in this way. I use Qobuz a lot and whilst this is accessible through Sonos or through the Selekt I want them joined! Is this possible? Many thanks.

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1 reply

You’d need a Sonos unit with a Line-In, to take a feed from your amp. Your profile lists a Connect. Is this still active on your system?