Sonos Amp with xgimi halo +

  • 10 April 2023
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I am trying to connect my retroprojector with the sonos amp with wifi or bluetooth, but the sonos amp don’t seams to see the retroprojector.

My retroprojector and Amp are both on the wifi but I can’t see it on the sonos app when k try to add a new systeme.

when i plug the retroprojecteur with the HDMI cable, it works well, but the thing is that I need a realy long cable to put the retroprojector at the good spot. 
I though it was possible to connect every device to the sonos amp by wifi or Bluetooth, but it doesnt seams to be the case.

Any ideas ?


Thank you !


Best answer by melvimbe 10 April 2023, 14:48

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2 replies

The Sonos amp doesn’t have bluetooth, and WiFi is used to connect with other Sonos products.  So no, what you want to do is not possible without some third party wireless HDMI-Arc product that may or may not exist.

As a general note, two products being labeled as ‘WiFi’ doesn’t mean that they work together and can play in sync.

Thank for your answer, i will just plug it with a  hdmi câble.