Sonos Amp with Turntable to existing system set up guidance

Hey Community!


Sorry to sound like such a novice but I have a Sonos Beam, two Ones as my surrounds and a Sub currently set up as my TV surround setup.

I have bought a turntable which I wanted to connect to my speaker setup through a Sonos Amp.

I have set this up today and it seems that the Amp cannot connect / stream to my existing system as this wants to set up a new room with this as the main component.


Is there a way I can stream my Amp inline audio to my existing system so I don’t have to reset up a system every time I want to listen to my turntable?


Thanks in advance!


Best answer by Ken_Griffiths 15 May 2021, 14:40

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Presumably the turntable has a pre-amp (built in, or otherwise) and it is working with your Amp?

Hopefully you have added the Sonos Amp to your existing Sonos Household with the Beam etc as another Sonos Room? If so, you should now see in your ‘Browse’ tab, a ‘Line-In’ source icon, just below your list of music sources (see screenshot).

One option is to treat that ‘Line In’ from the Amp as a playing source (your turntable audio in this case) and play that audio  to any Sonos Room (or Group of rooms) that you now have available. 

If you also go onto look in the Amp Room settings in "Settings/System’ in the App, there are options there to adjust the Line In and Line Out audio levels and Autoplay your Turntable to a chosen Room (or Group) at a preset volume.


Hi Ken,


Yes that has worked great! I didn’t realise you could multiple select on the inline!


One click and it sounds fantastic!

Just need to adjust the name to turntable now 👍🏼

Thanks for the response. Have a great weekend

FYI..You can, if you wish, rename your Sonos ‘Rooms’ and/or Turntable Line-In (Source Name) in the "Settings/System/[Room Name]” area of the App.