Solution for Getting your Sonos to work with your Starlink Router

  • 23 November 2022
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I think I found a solution to getting the Starlink to work with Sonos.

  1. You will need to purchase an ethernet adapter for your Starlink. It costs $25 at the time of writing this conversation and can be found in the Starlink marketplace on the app.
  2. You will need to purchase a new Dual-Band router and connect it via the Starlink ethernet adapter. (this was easy for me and i didn't need to change any settings but Im reading that it can be a little technical and there may need to be some settings that you need to change)
  3. Connect to the wifi signal coming out of the new router. (I did this by connecting one of my speakers to the ethernet of the new router and then using a different speaker to connect to the wifi. I’m not sure if connecting the speaker to the router is necessary or not. If you find it’s not please comment below.)


If you are like me I was crushed to find out that my Sonos would not connect to the Starlink. I was feeling thousands of dollars wasted in Sonos speakers. After being on the phone with support and multiple times I was able to come up with this solution and I hope it can help you if you are is the same position as I was.

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5 replies

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Hi @Clkauk 

Welcome to the Sonos Community and thanks for sharing your findings!

On point 3, it shouldn’t be necessary to ethernet-connect Sonos in order to get it on a new WiFi, but it can help if things go wrong.

Although we do not support wireless internet connections, they should work without issue as long as the connection is good enough. Unsupported really means that we will not go to extra lengths to troubleshoot such a system, not that it cannot work. The reason we do not support wireless internet connections is that you could have repeated music interruptions for which the only reason is the weather, and there’s nothing we can do to confirm or fix it.

I am glad to hear that you got things going - enjoy!

I would be interested to know if connecting a Sonos speaker to the Starlink Ethernet Adapter produces a solution without the need for the additional router.

It would be best to reboot all other speakers after wiring one, to make this a robust test.

I’m surprised SONOS is not proactive about finding a solution for this. Surely it will start losing them business.

I have just installed Starlink. There is no ethernet outlet in the Starlink router to enable me to make the initial connection to a SONOS device.

I have 6 SONOS devices. Now I can only use the Soundbar that is connected directly to the TV.

As in the answer provided above, I can buy the Starlink ethernet adapter (AUS$125) and a second router specifically to run the SONOS stuff, but that is an ugly solution.

Is there a modern SONOS device that can connect to wifi without the need for an ethernet cable? Would that then allow me to use my older SONOS devices? Buying that would be a cleaner solution and may not be much more expensive.


Spoke to my friend who has StarLink, he said he just connected his Sonos system to the Wi-Fi signal that StarLink created, and has no issues. He’s got about 10 Sonos speakers connected that way. 

Makes me wonder if there are different StarLink routers that have different abilities. 

It’s possible you might want to try a travel router, that router would connect to your StarLink signal via Wi-Fi, and then create its own Wi-Fi signal that you could connect the rest of your devices to. I’d make sure that the travel router has an Ethernet port on it, too, just in case, but I think that’s standard…..but haven’t looked in about 5 years, either. 


I think I found a solution to getting the Starlink to work with Sonos.

Yes Clkauk,I was seriously crushed.

Here’s my case:

I was seriously crushed two weeks ago when my Sonos systems went offline without warning. I’ve got two Sonos system setups (2 Beams, 2 subs, 2 Ones and 2 Fives plus a Boost plus a Roam to play with outside).

After installing my Starlink V2 dishy in July ‘22 here in rural Sweden, all has been fine. Until I noticed recently that my living room system was offline and I’ve been left with only one functioning Beam as it’s connected to my LG tv at the moment. 

From the beginning I’ve had my Starlink router set up as my internet link connected to a Netgear switch and a Orbi mesh router (with 2 satellites in our smaller rural home) using the Starlink ethernet adapter. 

My Sonos system has run error-free… until a week ago (Dec-2022). Not sure what caused the disturbance, a Starlink or Sonos app update, or mayb combination of both?!

So today, I disconnected my my mesh network. I connected my Sonos Boost directly to my Starlink router/adapter. When I opened System in the Sonos app and started at my Boost, it needed an update. Then the rest of my system also got updated. This took a while.

After that all my Sonos devices were recognized in my two system setups, all’s great! Then I decided to move my Sub 3 from our veranda/atrium – that’s not used frequently wintertime – to living room, so now running two subs!

Everything’s working fine now and I’m lovin’ it! 🤍

Ps. Starlink has good speeds 80-90 Mbits, little high latency.