Setting up Sonos 1 in Uni

  • 10 November 2022
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Hello all,


I have a Sonos one, and I am having trouble connecting it to the wifi here at uni. I have registered the MAC of the Sonos on the required  uni wifi website, however every time I try and connect the speaker to the wifi through accessory setup on my iPhone on the Sonos app, it tells me an error has occurred, and nothing I seem to do changes this.


if anyone has encountered this before or knows a solution please let me know


6 replies

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You need to consult wit your campus networking specialist and have them reconfigure their settings to get Sonos to work on that type of network. I really doubt they will be interested in doing that or that their security rules would allow it.

Instead try to work around the issues, a travel router to connect your Sonos and controller to is the usual solution. If you explain to the network folks the Sonos need for that setup they will likely allow it.

Another thing, that ties in to what @Stanley_4 is suggesting...if the Uni (university, for those of us on the other side of the world) has a log in page where a device needs to enter in a password, then Sonos won’t work with it. 

I’d agree that a travel router is a great way to go…..if the University allows such a thing. But be aware, some networks have pretty strong rules around adding secondary networks to a ‘primary’ one. And by strong, I’d say up to potential expulsion. 

Hi, I have this exact issue where a login page is blocking me from being able to connect it to the WIFI.
Would a sonos boost solve the issue since it creates its own separate network for sonos products.

No, you’d still be blocked by that login page, unless you could connect that BOOST directly to the router of the university. 

@Airgetlam I have access to a ethernet port in my university room, but not sure if that would work.


Since I don’t know the setup your University has, I can only expect that it’s the same setup as the WiFi, and expects you to log in to the University’s internet. 

Normally, I’d suggest a travel router, which can create its own WiFi, but most Universities I’m aware of kick people out if they set up a secondary attached network. Perhaps you might talk to their IT group, and ask them to whitelist your Sonos, but my expectations would be low for that. Sonos just isn’t designed for that kind of closed access network use.