Sending Xbox Series X audio to Sonos Arc

  • 23 November 2020
  • 2 replies

Hey folks —

i am struggling to get my arc to play game audio from the new Xbox. I have a unique and perhaps uniquely annoying set-up, so perhaps its impossible but I figured I’d ask here.  My set-up is Apple TV to ceiling mounted projector + arc. I am sending the Xbox signal to the projector with a wireless hdmi transmitter, but since the projector has no speakers, there is no audio. I tried to send Xbox audio to the arc by installing an hdmi audio extractor between the Xbox and the transmitter with an hdmi cord patched directly into the arc from the extractor’s audio only out Jack. But it didn’t work. 

any ideas for a working solution here? I’m totally stuck.


2 replies

The Sonos Arc does not take a normal HDMI audio signal.  It only take an HDMI-ARC or eARC signal (Audio Return Channel).  Your Xbox doen’t generate that signal, so you would need a TV or projector that can.  Since your projector can’t do that, you need an HD Fury Arcana, which will take the HDMI signal from your xbox, convert it to eARC for the Sonos Arc and send the normal HDMI to your projector (via your wireless setup).

This is what I and many others use to handle this and similar situations.

Thanks so much! I’ll give it a shot.