Samsung TV with IR repeater and Sonos Playbar located behind speaker fabric: Help!

  • 27 February 2017
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I have got 2 Samsung TVs in two different living areas. The first has had a Sonos Playbar set up for a while with no real issues (other than the 'Smart' remote doesn't work - but the standard one does).

I decided to buy a second Playbar for the other room recently. Its set up with the same TV (different screen size) - the UE486700 - but the difference is that the Playbar is housed in a media unit with speaker material on the front.

This allows the sound through OK but doesn't let the IR signal from the TV remote control to get through to control the volume. The Sky box is also located there, and I use the Samsung TV IR extender placed in front of the Sky box, so that the TV passes the signal through meaning I can control the Sky box using the TV remote control.

I wanted to see if this would work with the Sonos (before buying a IR extender with multiple repeaters on the end) but when I move the IR repeater in front of the Sonos IR receiver, the TV remote does not operate the Sonos volume (but with the cabinet open it does).

Any ideas? The remote is set to use the Sonos and control the volume; The repeater is working and passing through the Sky controls; Why doesn't the IR repeater work for the Sonos?

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1 reply

I have a different setup, but this is basically the same situation. Any solutions yet???