Samsung Q95E + ATV 4K + Sonos Arc/SL/SUB

  • 16 July 2020
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Hey guys, I moved from a custom sound setup to Sonos a few weeks ago and I’m starting to regret it. 


My Setup: 


75 inch Q95E (Latest/Best 4K Samsung TV - 2020) 

Sonos Arc+2SLs+Sub 3rd Gen (all 2020 versions) 

Apple TV 4K (2019) 


Cable Management


HDCPI 2.0 TV→ Apple TV ($50 cable) 

Sonos Default Cable → eARC Port

HDCPI 2.0 TV → Sony Playstation 4




Samsung Software: 1302.4 (July 13th 2020)

Input CEC: tried turning it off and on for the ATV input source nothing changes

Lip Sync Sonos: I tried ALL settings +1/+5 nothing works 

Samsung Sound Delay: Tried from 0 - 250 no perfect sync.



  • eArc is OFF - When I enable it there is no sound from Sonos on movies, input sources, or default apps. I have the latest Samsung TV Update that came out 13th of July 2020 - With eArc OFF I do get sound but then I have no options for passthrough from the other input devices (ATV/PS4) that results to lip sync issues!! Every movie I watch on ATV or game I play on PS4 has a delay because the sound is being processed through the TV! If I switch to PCM the sound is horrible but there are no delays, so the only options I have is Auto (with lip sync delay) and PCM for ALL inputs!
  • If I try to play a movie from the default Samsung Apple TV App there is no ATMOS Support (kudos apple/samsung)
  • The default Netflix app on my Samsung is the ONLY service I can use with atmos and no lip sync issues. 
  • Gaming (PS4/XBOX) - same issue with ATV - The TV is processing the sound and there is always a delay!

And of course, I did call Sonos, they told me to call Samsung and vice versa, nothing works, no ETAs for updates, and both companies blame each other..

3 replies

My opinion, based on the fact that the Sonos speaker system appears to be working on most other systems, is that this is a Samsung issue, perhaps specific to this set. I know there is another thread in the Home theater area (where this post probably belongs, too) aboyput issues with the Samsung Frame TV as well. If it were a Sonos issue, I suspect we’d be seeing thousands upon thousands of posts from users of every manufacturer’s TVs, not just Samsung. 

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Have you tried setting Apple TV to convert audio to Dolby Digital 5.1? This might stop the TV from processing the sound.

I have the same issue with EArc and a new Samsung 2020 75inch TV . EArc HDMI has to be switched off on TV sound menu before any sound on the sonos earc