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  • 7 November 2021
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I have 2 Fives set up as surrounds in our living room. Occasionally I would like to use one on our patio. I physically moved the speaker to the patio, removed surrounds from living room on Sonos app, set up patio as a separate location, But I can’t get just one speaker to connect?Help.

Different topic, How do I remove a room from the Sonos app? I accidentally added Living room 3 and would like to remove it. Thank you.


Best answer by James L. 8 November 2021, 10:34

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Going from the information in your post alone is a little confusing and I’m not sure I completely understand how your system has been configured.


I’d like you to submit a system diagnostic and reply here with the confirmation number so I can take a look myself. Also, you don’t need to remove a room, I suspect one of your Fives has been renamed as Living room 3 accidentally but the diagnostic will help me confirm this.