S2 Big Deception

What a big deception.

Waiting forever on new software.

After installing S2 to find out it still DOES NOT not play High Resolution audio files.

Well back to Audirvana + USB + my own amp for High Res.



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5 years may be a bit too long to wait.  I do think Hi Res is here to stay, regardless of whether it makes sense or not.  However,  the music industry will definitely have a new format that we all must move to to get the better sound.  They always do, whether it catches on or not.  My guess is that it’s atmos music.

I was thinking more broadly than just music formats.  As you implied, there is no need for anything to have been different on day 1 of S2.  It is the greater capability of S2, and the associated necessary sacrifice of the legacy devices (as far as development is concerned), that will play out over the coming years.


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Disappointment is an understatement. 

I have literally been waiting 11 years. Love the Sonos products….but 11 years, 25% of my life! Bought a house, had 2 kids and lived in 3 counties since I started waiting!




Held my breath long enough, now looking at alternatives. 

I just wish they were up front about all this and made it possible to determine the quality of the audio stream that they DO support.  This is from the web site “ With upgraded audio processing, Sonos S2 supports higher resolution audio technologies for music and home theater, including Dolby Atmos. “

So what the hell does “higher resolution” actually mean?  I stream Qobuz from an iPhone, does S2 support that file format?  Apparently not.  The table provided lists only stored files, music stored on Android, and internet radio stations.  Does the latter include the streaming services?  And I gave up trying to contact anyone at Sonos.  I have 3 Ports that will soon be for sale.  Not a company I like to deal with.  And btw, 2 of the Ports failed and had to be returned for service.