reauthorization of Apple music service fails with iOS 13 beta 6

  • 9 August 2019
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Hi! Are there any known issues regarding iOS 13 beta 6? Today, the previously configured Apple music service claimed that it needs to be re-authorized. When i try to do so, I repeatedly end up with a message-box saying "we've ran into a problem. try again". I tried deleting the previously configured Apple music service, and re-add it afterwards, but unfortunately, that didn't work out. I know that beta versions of iOS are not supported with the Sonos app, but maybe there's a way to work around this issue that someone is aware of?

PS: support diagnostics number 1669802717

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7 replies

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Non-technical folks seem to not understand what Beta means. It means that it is for testing, and to find things that break. It does not mean "install it on your only critical life-saving device". Looks like the iOS 13 has succeeded in finding that it breaks the Sonos app. As a good beta participant, this should be reported to Apple, so they can fix the OS. that fix will probably fix other apps that are broken with luck.

Traditionally Apple have less concerns than other OS providers about breaking existing apps, as they have such a dominant position they expect software authors to figure it out, instead of fixing their OS.
I had a similar issue but ultimately it worked when I first launched Apple Music on my phone and played a song. Then I re-initiated the authorization process and it worked. Perhaps it works for you as well.
I'm having similar issues. I've just resolved to use my other (not yet updated to the beta) iOS devices instead.
What a bunch of surprises ... in which way does your comment add anything useful to this thread?! I shared my experiences and just hope that somebody else who might be as curious as I am could have faced the same issue or found a workaround for it ...
It should be absolutely no surprise that there are issues with a beta version of iOS for which Sonos has not yet implemented an update. It would be more surprising if there were no issues. I would be surprised if Sonos even look at the diagnostic, to be honest.
Do you have another device (phone or tablet that's not running iOS 13 beta), that you can try?

Unfortunately, I'll have to wait for my wife to return home from work in order to try that 😃
In the meantime, I found another limitation with the current iOS beta. While trying to add a new Sonos Sub to my existing setup, Trueplay tuning didn't work either - it says "... is not yet supported for this iPhone".
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Do you have another device (phone or tablet that's not running iOS 13 beta), that you can try?