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Hi gang. I'm trying to set up an outdoor movie for my kids and run sound out of my outdoor speakers that are connected to my Sonos Connect Amp. I am able to route sound from my laptop to the speakers by connecting an RCA cable in the headphone jack to the Connect Amp, but obviously that bypasses the projector. When I connect the HDMI cable from my laptop to the sound comes out of the outdoor speakers. I tried disconnecting sound from my laptop and then routing a standard set of RCA cables from the projector to the Connect Amp, but no sound out of the speakers there either. A couple points of clarification, I am using a PC laptop, and I have Line In Component selected and playing in the Sonos controller on the laptop. Any help here would be appreciated.

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Hi. What do you mean by disconnecting sound from your laptop? I am guessing that the audio would go with the HDMI in the absence of any attempt to change that. So I would expect the audio out from the projector to work. But there may be projector settings you need to amend to get the audio out to operate.
Another possibility would be an HDMI audio splitter/extractor with RCA stereo out.
Thanks, John. When I said, "disconnecting sound from my laptop," I was referring to the only option that I was able to get to work, which was to route the sound from the laptop headphone jack to the Connect Amp. That doesn't help me really, though, because it bypasses the projector. I think you are correct; that it is probably a projector setting. I'm boring the projector so I'm not familiar with it, but I'll play with it and figure it out. Currently, the sound is coming out of the back of the projector, even with the RCA cables connected, so I was thinking that I needed to toggle a setting. Also wasn't aware of the HDMI splitter/extractor with RCA stereo out. That would do the trick, also. Let me play around with this.Thanks for your help.
I would test that line in setup with another device, just in case.
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Check you're connecting to an audio OUT on the projector and not and audio in.


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