Problem with my Sonos Sub

  • 6 March 2022
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Hello everybody,I write this post before contacting Sonos support. I purchased a Sonos Arc + Sonos Sub (3rd gen) in December 2021.After 3 months of use, I am not very happy with the Sub in particular. Because the bass is not heard! I've done all possible configurations, but the subwoofer is as if it's turned off.I try to explain better, the SUB is correctly turned on and configured, I can also change its settings from the Sonos app but the sound of bass is really non-existent.I have made a comparison with another sound system with a much lower price range (300 €) and it sounds much better and it’s impossibile!I need help because my subwoofer can't sound right. It seems as if the frequency used is not low but only very high.What can I do?

Thank you a lot!

3 replies

Have you tried increasing the Sub volume in the bonded room settings? Also you haven’t mentioned if you have tried adjusting the EQ settings. 

When it’s playing can you feel/hear the Sub, when the Sub audio is set to +15 (Max Volume)?

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@flyd00 Have you tried moving the Sub to a different location in the room? Have you performed Trueplay tuning? You might also try unbonding the Sub from the Arc and unplugging them both from power for a couple of minutes. Then plug them back in and add the Sub to the Arc and test again.

Hi, thank you for the answers.


yes, i’ve tried with settings (level sub at max) and i hear that the sub work but don’t have a good perfomance. The same with trueplay with iPhone.


i’ve already try to reset arc and sub but its the same. 

tomorrow i will call the callcenter sonos.