Port as AirPlay 2 Gateway for Older Sonos Speakers?

  • 24 November 2019
  • 7 replies

I am disappointed, like many, with the recent incompatibility of my iTunes devices with my Sonos system.  I want to get back to being able to play music from my many carefully developed playlists to my (rather expensive) Sonos products.

Knowing that all my current Sonos equipment is incompatible with AirPlay2, here’s my question:

If I replace my 5-year-old Sonos Connect (that feeds a built-in, hard-wired home audio speaker system) with the new Port, will that Port also facilitate AirPlay2 connection to my existing wireless Play 1 and Playbar based groups?

My current setup:

  1. “House” - Connect system supplies analog audio to an amplifier and three pairs of built-in speakers.
  1. “Family Room” - A Playbar, (2) Play 1 speakers, and a Sub set up as a group for surround sound and audio.
  1. “Master Bedroom” - A pair of Play 1 speakers in an upstairs bedroom as a separate speaker group.

So, from the Sonos website information, I understand that the Port would allow me to use AirPlay2 for audio playback through the “House” system.  But, would I also be able to connect to my “Family Room” and/or “Master Bedroom” group speakers via that same Port?

All rooms are WiFi enabled via an Airport network.  The Connect component is connected via Ethernet cable.

7 replies

You could use Airplsy 2 to play to any of your speakers by grouping the Port with other rooms. But it would only give you a single stream.

An equivalent alternative would be to keep the Connect and buy a Symphonisk speaker. Or maybe two, for the difference between what you would get for the used Connect against the cost of a new Port?

Thanks, John.

I am not worried about having a single stream for audio playback, so seems that the Port would get me at least partway.

I also just found a recent message from Sonos about the “Trade Up” program, under which my Connect is eligible.  I would receive a 30% discount on the new component - that’s an unheard of discount through Sonos!

Yes that is true!. But note that the Connect is disabled in the process. You should also look at the economics of selling the Connect and buying a Port. Not sure which route would cost less overall. 

One further query.... you don't have those iTunes playlists on a computer?

Yes, my iTunes playlists are on my MacBook.

So why not set that up as your Sonos Music Library? Much better than using Airplay, IMO.

The only problem with grouping Port with other non AirPlay2 speakers is the fact that the grouping is NOT PERMANENT! Every now and then Port disconnects from the other speakers and if you have automation rules in your HomeKit you have to manually open Sonos app and regroup the rooms again. It drives me nuts! Why there's no PERMANENT grouping of the rooms?? This would make the Port a perfect AirPlay2 gateway.