• 22 December 2022
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I am so incredibly confused. I own a lot of my own music stored on devices. Setting up playlists with YouTube is easy. Transferring it all to play on my two speakers set up as stereo is ridiculously confusing. The Sonos app is very UNFRIENDLY and completely bewildering. I'm not stupid. But the designers of this set up are STUPID when it comes to user interface. I welcome any advice....thanks.

3 replies

Have you gone through the FAQ

There certainly have been reports that media accounts on YouTube don’t work properly, do you perchance have one of those?

You’ve not really provided much in the way of information for the community to figure out how to assist you. Is there any detail you might provide? What process your following, details about what error(s) you’re getting, anything at all beyond ‘it doesn’t work’?

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I personally have no big problems with the Sonos app UI. Where does it go wrong for you?

Add tracks to the SONOS “Queue”. A Queue can be saved and be accessed from any SONOS player in the system. SONOS Playlists are not able to be shared with other systems. Some Music Services offer playlists that can be shared online and played through SONOS systems.