Playbar hardware issues: suggestions please

  • 16 August 2021
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Symptoms: device powers up, but doesn’t show on either network and refuses to factory reset. LED remains white no matter what.

I have cracked it open following this teardown but nothing obvious stands out. The power supply is fine, based on everything I can see.

I am aware of wifi card failure, but I assume when that fails the wired network will still work, and that factory reset should also be available.

By the way, these things contain some serious mechanical engineering. Respect. And also they were a bargain in their day.


1 reply

I’m not convinced that a WiFi failure is always due to just the actual radio failure, I seem to recall a conversation with Ryan where he suggested it ‘could be’ anywhere in the network electronics. 

But I’ve never cracked one open, just suggesting you may not want to assume the rest of the network path is always good.