Play1 standalone possibilities

  • 17 November 2016
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I want to use the Play1 standalone when I travelling. Quite often in 'modern' hotels you can only access their wifi when not only password but also a username needs to be inserted. In this way I cannot setup the Play1 without additional equipment. I have quite often taken a spare wifi-router and mini-NAS with USB connection and mass storage with me to arrange access to music and get control (without being connected to the internet), but this is extra weight, and basically needs to be pre-configured before travelling, and therefore extra hassle. Is there a simpler way to get access to a USB stick with music and preferrably also Bluetooth? How about Arduino and/or Raspberry Pi, or are there better/easier devices to be used, hopefully with additional functionallity?

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1 reply

There's a lot of discussion about this here: