Play 1 won't connect to boost even though its in a stereo pair with another play 1 on a wired connection

  • 3 December 2020
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I have two play 1 speakers, first gen. I recently installed a boost to my system as one was continuously dropping out. I have connect one with an ethernet directly to the boost in the hope it will sure things up even more and they’re in a stereo pair but one refuses to move onto the boost network and is still showing WM:1 instead of VM:0 like the boost and the speaker wired to it. Has anyone got any suggestions?


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3 replies

If you’re able to wire a Play:1, the Boost is actually superfluous. Any wired Sonos device can function in the same way as a Boost, in terms of anchoring SonosNet.


Anyway, try powering off and on again the WM:1 unit. If that doesn’t work, then temporarily wire it to the network as well and try again.

If you’re still stuck, then factory reset just the WM:1 device and add it to the system again.

Once everything shows as WM:0 go into Settings/System/Network and remove your WiFi details.

Ok thanks! classic turn it off and on again seemed to do the trick for now, I did think the boost would be a waste of money on the basis I had one wired in but it still seemed to drop a few times a day when in constant use. hoping this will clean up the connection just a little bit more. 

If you had drops with one P:1 wired it was almost certainly because the other was still on the WiFi (WM:1).