PLAY:1 Set-Up issues with roaming wifi, Apple Airport, and MacBook Pro, How to set up system here

  • 17 January 2017
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Currently, I am living on campus as a freshman in a dorm in college. The wifi used here is a roaming wifi called "Eduroam," and both my Iphone SE and MacBook Pro use it as the primary wireless internet source for my room. I have an Airport Time Capsule used as, basically, a giant backup flashdrive since I was unable to connect it as a router for my room. I realize that the new Sonos systems require, in most cases from what I have seen on other threads, a wireless internet source to receive updates and operate with a phone or tablet as the controller. However, my Play:1 detects the Eduroam and attempts to connect to it; but when I insert my given school password (each student has a unique password based on their student i.d. number), there is a long delay and it claims that it (the Play:1 through my Sonos phone application) is unable to connect to the Eduroam network. Is there anyway I can simply connect my Play:1 to my laptop via ethernet cable to access it directly or into my Airport to "trick" the Play:1 into thinking it is a router as if it was using the "boost" set up despite the Airport not having any wireless internet access? Personally, I would just attach an auxiliary cord to it, but I believe that method of audio-digital technology is considered ancient by today's standards.

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