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  • 4 April 2019
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Hi all... I am new to Sonos, but have ordered the following:
Sonos BEAM1AU1WHT Beam Soundbar White
Sonos BM1WMWW1WHT Beam Wall Mount White Sonos SSUBG1W Wireless Subwoofer White
Sonos AMPG1AU1BLK Amp Wireless Amplifier
Sonos AMPG1AU1BLK Amp Wireless Amplifier
B&W M1WH White Speaker x2 Surround Left and Right
A technician is coming to install the above as well as our new OLED TV. However, before he comes, I need to get a suitable TV cabinet.
My question is: Can I put the Sonos AMPG1AU1BLK Amp Wireless Amplifier into the cabinet and close the door, or does it need to be on an open shelf?
Thanks for your help!!!!

4 replies

How much airflow is in the cabinet? The device generates a certain amount of heat, so it would need some airflow around it.

See what the installer says, but you could potentially wall mount it behind the TV, too, it should be able to fit, depending on how the mounting is done.
Hi Bruce

Thanks so much for your advice. There is no airflow inside the cabinet, so I won't plan on putting it there. There is an open shelf in the middle of the unit, so that might be the best place, though the amp is not so beautiful! (The wall is only 1 skin deep so we can't hide it in there!)

Thanks again

You're most welcome. It's all a matter of personal taste, as I do find the Amp to be quite lovely :)

Enjoy your Sonos!
Other options would be to mount AMP to the rear of the cabinet and space the cabinet from the wall. If there is space under the cabinet, mount AMP under the cabinet near the rear.

If you are handy, you could create some air flow through the cabinet: Using a "hole saw," create a series of 2-3" holes (air is lazy and a single pair of holes will not accomplish much) low in the cabinet and high in the cabinet, creating a "flow" of air. Cool air will enter the through bottom holes and hot air will exit through the top holes. You can minimize tearing of the finish by drilling half way through from the outside, then finish the hole from the inside.

Another technique would be to remove some or all of the back panel in the chamber housing AMP. Use this technique with care because you may substantially weaken the cabinet.