Pioneer Elite - Works With Sonos - Not Anymore

  • 9 July 2020
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I’ve been using my Pioneer Receiver with my Sonos system via the ‘works with Sonos’ function. I recently upgraded by old ‘bridge’ to the new ‘boost’ and upgraded from S1 to S2. My receiver can no longer find my Sonos components. Is this due the the changes with Sonos or is there something wrong with the receiver? I updated to the latest software on my receiver and nothing changed.




8 replies

Might be worth checking with Pioneer. I suspect they haven’t updated their firmware to work with the new S1/S2, which isn’t something Sonos can do for them. 

I talked with Pioneer. I have the latest firmware which was released in March. Their suggestion was factory resetting my receiver to see if that fixes anything. I’m hoping to see if other Sonos users are experiencing the same issue to know if it’s a S1/S2 thing or it is an issue unique to me.

Ah, gotcha. Don’t have a Pioneer myself, but I’d be putting money on them needing to update their firmware, since that last update was well before the S1/S2 split. But I’ll keep watching this space for responses from people who have Pioneer experience. 

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The “Works with Sonos” branding should really be “Works with Sonos?” based on the issues seen here.

Definitely agree on the branding change to add in a big ?.  I also have a Pioneer Elite that worked with the “works with sonos” for quite a while, and pretty sure it continued working long after I upgraded to S2, but more recently it can’t find any of my Sonos units.  (This is the second time now its broken, first time Pioneer put out a firmware that fixed it - but not holding out hope they fix it again).  Assume one of the reasons the port switched added a 12v trigger.



I have both a S1 and S2 system in my house. I just bought a Pioneer receiver that has this ‘Works with Sonos’. It’s one of the reasons I selected this receiver. It doesn’t see any of my Sonos devices. I also just upgrade my Connect (Gen1) to a Port. What a waste of money. 


At the end of the day, I just want my receiver to turn on when I play music through my Sonos Port, and to be able to control volume. The 12V trigger on the back of the port is completely useless for most people in my opinion. I think I came across one receiver that was about $4500 that had a 12V input. Most receivers only have 12V output.


I’ve been trying to figure this out for about 4 days now. I’m ready to return both the receiver and the Port device. They both underdeliver. 

I talked to Pioneer the other day (was surprised they called me 5 mins after I emailed about this). They told me they were aware of the problem (with their Works with Sonos Pioneer Elite receivers not seeing Sonos devices on network)  and had been working on it for 6 months. They seem to think the fault lies with Sonos though (but can’t be sure) and that the issue involves network switches being used. They suggest that it will work on WiFi only networks with no switches and Sonos not wired into network as well. They also suggested reaching out to Sonos who to date they say haven’t been interested in looking into the issue. I haven’t yet been able to test if indeed the receiver would see my Connect if I got them on WiFi but figured I’d pass that on in case it helped anyone or anyone at Sonos ever reads. 


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If someone like me, a dude in his basement with an hour a day, can figure out how to create a reliable Sonos controller, pretty sure a team of full time engineers at Pioneer should be able to figure out how to scan a network in less than six months. This really isn’t rocket science: its SSDP. Not exactly new technology. And S1/S2 changed nothing in this area. Pioneer are being pathetic.