One Sl + Roam with different wifi

  • 4 January 2023
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Hi there

I’m looking at getting a multi room set up in my house.

I’ve already had lengthy emails with Sonos and also my own research re: compatibility/wifi etc.


I’m with Virgin and have super speedy internet (for work) so internet strength and reach around the house isn’t an issue. My problem is that are internet is dynamic (I think that’s the right term). I’ve looked into getting a mesh system however I’ve read that this could decrease my internet strength plus it feels a little out of my technical ability to set up unless someone can strongly recommend one that they know works with VM and Sonos specifically and Isn’t crazy £££s


I’ve decided to go down the route of plugging one Sonos SL into my router and then having another two then on other rooms. 


My question is, if I were to also get a Roam to use in the garden/bathroom would this be able to connect to the other speakers as a multi room speaker or because it’s connected to my wifi rather than the route SL it would run separately and not work multi room?


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4 replies

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Yes, even though the Roam will not connect to the dedicated Sonos network (created by wiring the One SL to the router), you will still be able to use the Roam with the other speakers in a multi-room setup.

Hi, thanks so much for the quick response,

Have you had experience of this?

If they do work, would it be best to have 2x One and then a roam or would 1xONE connected to the wifi and then 2x Roam work ?

thanks again 

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Have you had experience of this?

I have my Sonos devices running on SonosNet (with a Play:1 directly wired to the router). I use two portable Sonos speakers (a Move and a Roam) together with my other speakers and they all work great together.


If they do work, would it be best to have 2x One and then a roam or would 1xONE connected to the wifi and then 2x Roam work ?

It depends on what your needs are. For a stationary speaker that will fill an average-sized room with audio, I would go with the Ones. For a portable speaker that is best used for personal listening, go with the Roam. FYI… the audio quality on the One sounds much better than the Roam.


This is super helpful, thank you so much