No sound from PC -> HDMI Receiver -> Playbar, help please

  • 3 December 2015
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My set-up that works:

PC and Wii U plugged in to my Toshiba TV which has an optical out leading to my playbar which is set-up with satellite Play:1 speakers. I only receive 2 channel stereo using this set-up, and that is the configuration my PC video card is sending to my TV.

After searching around I realized I needed an HDMI switch and audio de-encoder to get surround sound to work properly (5.1) so I go a Prosumer UltraHD HDMI 3x1 Swtich with MHL/ARC/Advanced Audio. This is a de-encoder/swtich combo.

Configuration that doesn't work:

PC/Wii U -> HDMI Swtich -> HDMI out to TV/Optical Out to Playbar

However, now that I have set it up, my PC still shows only 2.0 stereo output as my only option and NO sound is playing through my playbar.

From research so far all I can surmise is that my video card is reading the EDID from the TV saying it can only output 2.0 sound since that is all the TV is capable of producing, which is having some issue with the switch? I tried every different configuration on the switch and nothing has worked.

I have the ability to plug my sonos directly into my PC, but then I lose out on the Wii U getting surround sound, which I want for when I have parties and want to play party games. Any help on how to proceed?

The video card I am using is the following: GeForce GTX 860M

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5 replies

Did you find any solutions ?
I am getting crazy, exactly same issue, can't make the 5.1 to work.
It's crazy that with this price we need to spend so many hours looking to make it works !
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HI ibouriez

Welcome to the Sonos community

This thread is over a year old.

If you want help please tell us about your system. What do you have? Do you have one product wired? How do you know you are not getting 5.1? Where is you 5.1 input coming from.

We need a lot more info to help you.
I just got my playbase with 2 play1 and I can't make my media center (Plex) running a movie with a DTS sound, It's total silence.
I am trying everything since hours, can't get it work.
My config is:
NUC (Plex) ==> HDMI ==> LG TV ==> Optical ==> Playbase

Thx for your help,

Edit: Further than the DTS, even the AC5.1 who makes actually a pretty good sound appears to be in stereo when I check the About my sonos help menu:
Version : 7.2.1 (numéro 35340061)
Version matérielle :
Adresse IP :
Entrée audio : Stéréo
WM: 1
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Hi Ibouriez, welcome to the community. That AC5.1 you mention, is that AAC or AC3 (more commonly known as Dolby Digital)? That PLAYBASE must have a Dolby Digital 5.1 input in order to play to the surrounds. Some TVs have a problem where they are not able to pass an incoming 5.1 stream from the HDMI port through to the optical port without downmixing it to stereo. If your NUC has an optical port, you might want to try bypassing the TV entirely and seeing if you get 5.1 sound then.Alternatively you could test with a different source into the TV's HDMI port, that you know will be Dolby Digital, and seeing if you get Dolby from the optical with that.
I bought a HDMI switch to have with optical ouptut, it will arrive soon, I will see if it's fix my troubles.
Thx for your answer