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  • 7 December 2022
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Hi I have 4 Connect Amps sitting side by side but only one free port on my hub. If I connect one unit to the hub should I then daisy chain the other 3 to the first unit with hard wired ethernet cable or just rely on the wifi as they are all next to each other?


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4 replies

Hi. Either set up should be fine so see if one works best.  If you wire just one then the others will not connect over WiFi but over SonosNet.

Further thought.  If they are very close together there may be some interference.  If they have to be very close then it may be better to disable their wireless radios and daisy chain them,  But that may only be true if there are no other devices in your Sonos system!  A bit more info would help.

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I had issues that were most frustrating from putting a pair of Play 1s right next to each other. Took assistance from Sonos and sending Diagnostics to identify the issue.

I’d say either daisy chain or buy a switch (about $20) to connect directly, and disable the radios in all but one, or move them about a meter apart.


Thanks I have daisy chained and they are working fine