networked external hard drive lost connection

  • 3 February 2022
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I have a play 1 and connect using S2 that have been connected to a networked hard drive over a TP link 1750 router for 1-2 years. While playing music 2 weeks ago the sonos network lost connection to the drive. I’ve deleted the music library and tried to re-add it multiple times. I get an error message that includes “the device where the music files are stored may not be powered on or the path may have changed”. I can access the files through a computer and can access the drive using a Yamaha networked amp. I’ve adjusted/looked at all of the settings in the router and I’ve been on the phone with the sonos tech support for hours. 

I can still stream music but I can’t access the music on the hard drive. 

Any suggestions on a fix or why this might have suddenly happened?

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3 replies

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What did the support team think the issue was? Has the to link firmware changed recently.

I’d agree with the direction @bockersjv is thinking. It sounds like there is something interrupting the ability of the Sonos devices to reach your NAS. Could be a VPN, or some settings on the router, or the NAS, a subnet change,  or even simple wifi interference .

The fact that your computer can see the files has no bearing on this, what the issue is that we’re trying to hone in on is the Linux OS on the speakers being able to see the files, and the Sonos system doesn’t use the same system to reach the NAS that your desktop does, or your networked Amp does. 

Support pointed to the router too. The last updates on the router look to have happens last year. Any suggestions on how to get at a fix?